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How I work

I work with all the elements of a family; the individuals, the couple, the children or entire group, depending on the circumstances. Each individual, every family brings a unique skill set with them to the counseling experience. It is our work together to hone those innate skills and, when necessary, to develop new tools to get out of the problem and into the solution.

My work is solution focused. I do believe our past family experiences are important. What we learned in our family is very much related to how we do life today. Yet sometimes, I think, people may invest an inordinate amount of their time and resources analyzing the problems of the past. In doing so, they may miss the exceptions to those problems that hold the key to change. So if you feel stuck in a problem, changing your focus to the solution may be the beginning of productive change.

I work with clients experiencing stress and anxiety affecting school, work or family relationships. I work with all or just a part of a family in developmental transitions, divorce, families affected by family members’ active substance abuse and individual issues that result from these challenges.

Workshops & Groups

  • One Day Families in Recovery Intensive Workshop

    Held Monthly

  • Setting Boundaries With Addiction in the Family

    An ongoing support group

  • Boundaries Lab Workshop

    Developing Boundaries in relationship and everyday life

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Boundaries & Families in Recovery

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