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How I Work

I work collaboratively with my patients. I partner with them, helping to bring clarity and healing; clearing a path to recovery. I provide the perspective and the safe place for the process that is difficult to achieve outside of the therapeutic environment. My patients are confident that I am on their side as they address the challenges in their lives.

My work is pragmatic. We look at the end goal and break down the work into smaller segments. As each segment is mastered, the way to the goal becomes clearer and more satisfying results begin to appear.

We often find that the way we think creates the setting for the challenges in our life. I work with people to see the places where they can change the way they think. Changing the thinking can result in improvements in our lives.

The challenges in our lives also come from outside of us. Our life situations, relationships, both past and present, and other factors must be handled creatively in order for us to find greater wholeness and stability. I help my patients to develop new approaches to the parts of their lives that present them with challenges.

Workshops & Groups

  • One Day Families in Recovery Intensive Workshop

    Held Monthly

  • Setting Boundaries With Addiction in the Family

    An ongoing support group

  • Boundaries Lab Workshop

    Developing Boundaries in relationship and everyday life

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Boundaries & Families in Recovery

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